If you are looking for a non-invasive procedure to look refreshed and renewed, reduce the appearance of pore size and acne scarring, you can now find the Genius treatment at Benesque Med-Spa. Genius treatments make it possible to have a more youthful and smooth appearance without having to worry about missing work or social events. A face and neck treatment takes approximately 45 minutes and makeup can be worn the next day to cover any redness. The procedure is very tolerable and sought out by clients of all ages, both male and female. Because Genius applies energy below the surface of the skin, it can safely treat all skin types and colors, unlike many other devices. Not just for the face, Genius can treat anywhere on the body!

The Genius device is quickly becoming the “hot trend” in the industry and is gaining accolades worldwide. This unique, state-of-the-art system continually monitors the quality of the skin during the treatment, allowing our highly trained esthetician or laser technician to accurately customize each treatment, providing the perfect balance of comfort and outcome.

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For more information visit www.Geniusfor.me