Sinus issues can be extremely painful, and it can be hard for someone who suffers from chronic sinusitis to find relief. Luckily, Dr. Valeri Roth offers in-office sinuplasty treatments that can relieve sinus pain and pressure, effectively solving sinus issues with minimal recovery time.

What Is In-Office Sinuplasty?

In-Office Sinuplasty (sometimes called In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty) is a procedure used to provide relief to sufferers of chronic sinusitis. During the procedure, a small balloon is inserted into the nasal cavity and then inflated in order to reshape the sinus opening. In-Office sinuplasty is extremely safe and requires no cutting.

Is There Prep Required for In-Office Sinuplasty?

If you are getting in-office sinuplasty with Dr. Roth, there are a few steps you must take to prepare. Because certain medicines increase your risk of bleeding, you should stop taking them two weeks prior to the procedure. These medicines include NSAIDs (like Aleve, Advil, etc.) and certain herbal supplements. You should talk with Dr. Roth about any supplements you are using to ensure you stop taking any that increase risks. In addition to avoiding certain medications, you should also stop smoking and drinking at least two weeks before surgery.

What Is In-OR Sinuplasty, and How Is it Different than In-Office Sinuplasty?

Patients can also receive a Sinuplasty in an operating room (OR) or a hospital. However, there are benefits to having a Sinuplasty done in an office rather than in an OR. When you have an in-office Sinuplasty done, you can get local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia. You and Dr. Roth can decide what type of anesthetic is best for you before you have your procedure. Also, because the procedure is minimal and quick during an In-Office Sinuplasty, you can expect a fast recovery.

If you have the Sinuplasty done in-office, you will experience the procedure in the comfort of Dr. Roth’s office instead of a colder hospital operating room. Finally, undergoing a Sinuplasty in a doctor’s office is typically more cost-effective than having it done in a hospital operating room. Many patients who choose to go the in-office route end up with lower out-of-pocket costs.

To learn more about in-office or in-OR sinuplasty services performed by Dr. Valeri Roth in Hermitage, PA, contact our office today.